About Peak Management About Bob
Peak Management Consulting and

Training, headed by Bob Linden, provides

the very best in teaching, training,

consulting, organizational assessment,

and personal coaching. When

Bob does any of these activities, participants

take notes, grapple with the

topic, and effect changes. A skilled

lecturer and facilitator, Bob knows

how to balance participants’ needs for

information, action and application.

He wins the attention of participants,

helping them to absorb, retain, recall

and use what they have learned.

As an effective trainer and coach with

a thorough understanding of human

relations and organizational behavior,

he empowers individuals and teams

to achieve exceptional performance

and quality. He can also help organizations

design metrics to ascertain a

program’s return on investment.

Bob has extensive life experience and

years of professional training that he

brings to bear on all his interactions,

whether they are one-hour keynote

speeches, week-long training experiences

or coaching relationships.

Clients include Hewlett-Packard,

Agilent Technologies, Colorado

Springs Deaf and Blind School,

Summit Ministries and

the Navigators.

Bob Linden is the President of Peak Management Consulting and Training, which he founded in 1984 before retiring from the U.S. Air Force. During his 20 years of service to his country, Bob served as both a Human Resources Officer and Instructor. He taught Leadership, Organization Development and Counseling at the Air Force Academy, and was the editor and a contributing author for two cadet textbooks on these subjects.

After leaving the service, he worked for Hewlett-Packard/Agilent Technologies for 18 years, where he was a Training Manager, Organizational Consultant, and Production Manager. He has been an Honorarium Professor at Regis University and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, where he has taught Organization Management. He has spoken and taught throughout the United States and in several foreign countries.

Bob holds Bachelor and Master degrees in Experimental Psychology and is certified in Organization Development by DePaul University and University Associates. He is also certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Bob and his wife, Patty, make their home

in Colorado Springs, Colorado.